A few months ago I posted about the eagerly anticipated launch of the Liz Earle Colour Collection, and it has finally landed! This Tuesday saw the launch of the full Colour Collection, a range of face, cheeks, eyes and lips in an array of colours.
I've been testing out a selection of products, and first up we have the Healthy Glow Powder Blush in 'Coral' (*). The Healthy Glow Blush range consists of seven shades to add a natural hint of colour to the apples of your cheeks. You can select which shade is best for you from the new Liz Earle Shade Selector, a nifty pack with all the shades available across the range to help you pick what's best for your complexion! These are included in all Liz Earle Orders right now.
The packaging follows similarly to the first piece of the makeup line launched last year - the 'Sheer Skin Tint'. The dark navy blue has become a staple for Liz Earle Makeup packaging, packaged in a cardboard box and a sturdy plastic pan, which has flecks of shimmering blue.
Each Healthy Glow Blush comes with a makeup guide with information about the product itself and how to apply, perfect for the blush novices among us!
Each Healthy Glow Palette features a mirror on the inset and a pan with 'Liz Earle' stamped into it, a lovely touch I think! The blush is very well pressed, when you smooth your finger or brush against it there is hardly any fall out of product, one or two sweeps is more than enough to pick up enough colour for both cheeks too!
'Coral' is a shade which surprised me, as a part of the 'Healthy Glow' range it is a surprisingly natural shade, it doesn't lean as red or bricky as some coral shades can run, but more peachy. It has a gentle sheen but no shimmer or glitter, I wear this with NARS Albatross Highlighter and it looks wonderful! I'll try to add a photo of myself wearing the blush at some point.
The formulation isn't chalky or overly powdery, it applies well to the skin without patchiness and doesn't cling to any dry skin. I'd liken the formula to MAC blushes, so at a similar price it's a good investment! I managed to get a full days wear from the blush without any fading or need to top it up, you can build the colour well too for a gentle hint of coral or a powerful punch!
A near exact high street dupe for this would be 'Pop' by Topshop, although 'Pop' swatches slightly more neon and isn't of a similar quality.

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Blush retails for £16.50 from Liz Earle online, Liz Earle stores and selected John Lewis'.


  1. This is such a pretty and natural colour! It's not a bad price either x


  2. This is a gorgeous colour!
    I cant wait to try some of the Liz Earle makeup! :)

  3. Ooh, that shade looks lovely! xx

  4. I'm not sure what i think of the Liz Earle make up yet! I was really excited for it to be release and none of the colours have wowed me. This is a lovely shade when swatched! x

  5. That looks really pretty. I'm a fan of Liz Earle skincare so am excited to try the makeup!
    S xx

  6. The Blush is such a nice colour :). xx

    A Scholar Life

  7. Such a pretty blusher ! xx



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