This is the last in my series of Orly nail polishes that I've been working my way through! Robo Romance is a shade I picked up in Boots, I was in awe of the gorgeous sparkles dazzling amongst the baby-pink polish.
Orly polishes are packaged in sturdy glass bottles, packaged with an easy-grip lid. The brushes in the miniature bottles are tiny, but cover the nail in colour in three or four sweeps if you fan the brush against the nail.
Robo Romance is a baby pink polish filled with shimmery flecks of glitter, the glitter isn't gritty and well distributed in the formula. Personally I don't feel the name reflects the shade at all!
I regret being drawn in by this shade in its bottle, as that is where the fun ended! On the nail the glitter is barely noticeable unless you squint, the finish is creamy but very streaky if you look close. This is three coats and my nails are still slightly visible, I noticed the more coats I used the more streaky and bubbly the polish became. About four hours after the polish had 'dried' I noticed it was still tacky to the touch, it chipped easily at the tips and peeled off completely with any contact with warm water up to a day after applying.

Orly Robo Romance retails for £5 in selected Boots stores and online.


  1. Such a pretty nail varnish, the subtle sparkle is really nice ! xx

  2. This is really pretty. I haven't tried out the orly polishes yet but after reading your review, it doesn't seem that great quality so i wouldnt be rushing out to buy.
    Thanks so much for sharing~

  3. Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other?

  4. i've really loved reading these Orly posts :) This colour is so gorgeous xoxo

  5. Hey! i love your blog! ive just made my own would you check it out?
    thank you xx

  6. This nail varnish is so pretty! I recently brought lots of light coloured varnish, went kind of crazy. I love your blog, it has helped me to discover new products and made me want to get into make up so much more! x


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